BMW 335D 2018 World Record for the 1/4 Mile, OBD Tuning and New Hybrid Turbo Kits

BMW 335D 2018 World Record for the 1/4 Mile, OBD Tuning and New Hybrid Turbo Kits

Posted by Andrew Rodriguez on 8th Mar 2018

BMW 335D World Record 1/4 Mile

2018 is going to be one hell of a year for AARodriguez and JR Auto Performance

Exciting news includes:

  • BMW 335D 1/4 Mile Record for North America and the World
  • New hybrid turbo kits available from AARodriguez Corp.
  • OBD Tuning for F series BMWs including: BMW F10 535D, F15 X5 35D, F30 328D
  • OBD Tuning for E series BMWs including: BMW E90 335D and E70 X5 35D
  • Eco Race Pipe for M57 Engines
  • Fluidampr for M57 Engines

While our  ProTurbo BMW Hybrids are currently the top choice for a monster build we saw that our customer also needed another option for hybrids, not everyone is chasing a world record and some people just have worn out or damaged stock charge for new stock turbos can exceed $5000.

Our new budget Hybrid kit is available for just $1999, this includes:

  • 1 Year warranty against Manufacturing Defects
  • 2000 Degree rated ceramic coating on Turbo Housing - hot side
  • K27 Hybrid for the Large turbo - all new internals, we only reuse the housing
  • Upgraded 360 Thrust Bearing on small turbo - stock size wheel for fast spool up and no lag
  • (Pics coming soon)

OBD Tuning is easy now using our rental tools, interested in becoming a dealer for AARodriguez?  Email us for info about how to become a dealer.  We can help you serve your customers with BMW, VW, Audi, Range Rover and more.

$147.99  - M57 Eco Race Pipe for BMW 335D and X5 35D

  • Increases air flow
  • Deletes EGR cooler
  • Reduces lag
  • Increases throttle response
  • Eliminates hiccups in power
  • Less parts to break that can cause CELs
  • Retains the ASV for smooth shut downs and emergency cut off of the air flow in case of a run away

product zoom

$499 - M57 Fluidamper for BMW 335D and X5 35D

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Smoother and quieter engine after installation
  • Made in the USA
  • Avoid breaking downs due to failed harmonic balancer

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Details coming in a few days, we'll tell you how our sponsored car was transformed from a standard 3 series BMW diesel sedan to a Torque Monster that's threatening to break all records...even with a full interior and 100% stock  unmodified engine internals.