Super car territory...the BMW 335D JR4 Class - 464 WHP and 715 Ft. Lbs. of Torque!




Holy Torque!  

That's the "G rated" version of what someone would say after a ride in the 2011 BMW 335D that we built.  This car was one of the coolest that I've ever worked on and definitely the strongest.  Let me try to set the scene for you, but first, I want to show off our final results.

 Stock Power

248 WHP / 398 FT. Lbs. of Torque

JR Performance Stage 4 Custom - No meth

428 WHP / 650 FT. Lbs. of Torque

JR Performance Stage 4 Custom with Aquamist Methanol Injection

464 WHP / 715 FT. Lbs. of Torque


Good God, do you see the curves on that tune?!?!?!

The torque throws you back in the seat through the entire RPM range!  I have a client that had one of these 335Ds with the JR Stage 4 tune and other supporting upgrades, he had told me that he likes to play "You can't touch the glove box" with his girlfriend in the car. LOL!  I understand now why he does that, the torque is kind of puts a JR tuned 335D into a class that's bordering  Supercar Territory at a price that's a little bit higher than a new Hyundai Elantra.


So now you're probably wondering, "What goes into the car to make it a Torque Queen" and "How much is a BMW 335D?"  

North America - BMW  E90 335D

The 335D was only available in the USA from 2009-2011...someone got wind that we finally received one of Europe's "cool toys" and shut it down apparently.  I don't know an exact number of 335Ds that were imported, but the standing rumor is we only received 10,000 total in the USA and Canada total.

Stock 335D Stats and Common Problems

  • Cost can be as low as $8000 for a good condition, high mileage 335D while a low mile M Sport can fetch over $20k
  • 248 WHP / 398 FT. Lbs. of Torque when the car is working properly....
  • EGR Coolers fail - Performance solution is a Race Pipe
  • DPF Fails - Performance solution is a downpipe
  • Swirl Flaps leak boost and oil or the actuator motor can actually fail - Performance Solution is Swirl Flap Deletes
  • Adblue / SCR tank heater fails costing over $1000 for replacement - Performance Solution is a JR Performance Tune
  • NOX Sensors Fail - Performance Solution is a JR Performance Tune
  • Intercooler Charge Hose Fails and leaks boost making a NASTY oily mess everywhere - Performance Solution is an Upgraded Charge Hose


That's quite a list of problems but they are all EASILY resolved with upgraded parts and tuning.

Typically, when a BMW X5 35 or 335D customer starts having these issues they are faced with 2 options:

A) Have the OE parts replaced at a dealership

B) Clear the codes with a scanner and sell the car quickly to an unsuspecting buyer

C) Install part upgrades and tuning making the car reliable, fun and even more efficient.  The 335D often gets mid 40 mpgs while the X5 can achieve 34-36 on the highway.


Most customers do not get the Stage 4 tune and hybrids, it's understandably cost prohibitive, but where else can you get a diesel vehicle for under $20,000, modded and boasting over 40 mpg, 460+ HP and 715 Ft. Lbs of torque?!?!

 JR Stage 4 Class - BMW 335D - Required parts - Prices as of 6-29-2017

Bottom Line Costs - estimated $6700 without labor


Other Recommendations

  • Coolant Thermostat - This part is like original, they don't "break" but after 80,000 or more miles they may start to wear out and let cars coolant temperature stay too low, causing a loss of up to 4-6 mpgs. 
  • Glow plugs and glow plug relay - This is not a cheap set of parts to buy but it is a lot easier to change out while the car is taken apart for other upgrades.  BMW glow plugs and controllers should always be replaced as a set
  • Battery - I highly recommend keeping a fresh battery in your diesel BMW, though your car may still start, low voltage will cause expensive problems like JBE or FRM failure.