M57 Common Torque Specs

M57 Common Torque Specs 

Creator: Brad Tourt 

11mm Small Turbo to Exhaust Manifold 

M8x22 Grease with Anti-Seize ​25 Nm 

E14 Small Turbo to Large Turbo 

M10x80 Grease with Anti-Seize ​40 Nm 

12mm Large Turbo To Exhaust Manifold 

M10x25 Grease with Anti-Seize ​40 Nm 

Intake Manifold 

10mm Bolt ​10 Nm 

11mm Nut ​15 Nm 

10mm Exhaust Manifold to Cylinder Head 

Joining Torque ​10 Nm 

Final Torque ​19 Nm 

10mm Thermostat to Water pump 

7 Nm 

T30 Water Pump 

13 Nm 

E12 Harmonic Balancer 

40 Nm​ joining 

120 Degree​ Final 

8mm Injector Nuts alternate tightening 

1. ​1Nm​ Joining 

2. ​4 Nm​ Joining 

3. ​9 Nm​ Final 

17mm Torque Converter to Flywheel 

60 Nm

T40 Valve Body to Transmission 

8 Nm 

T40 Transmission Oil Pan 

12 Nm 

E70 17mm Wheel Bolts 

140 Nm 

E90 17mm Wheel Bolts 

120 Nm 

Camshaft to Cylinder Head 

Note: Tighten or Loosen camshaft bearing caps in 1/2 revolution increments evenly from center to outside. 

8 Nm 

Camshaft sprocket to gear on intake camshaft 

14 Nm 

Head Studs 

-Replace screws 

-Tighten bolts from middle in diagonal sequence in outward direction. 

1. Jointing torque (only with new components) 80 Nm 

2. ​Release​ all bolts min. 180° from outside inwards 

3. Jointing torque 50 Nm 

4. Angle of rotation 120 ° 

5. Angle of rotation 120 °