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Types of keys

  • 2 piece FOBs

  • 1 piece FOBs (These started in 2010 but not all 2010 are 1 piece)

  • Valet keys (cannot open glove box or trunk) We do not sell “true” valet keys

  • Valet Style -

Keys that customers cannot program with Vagtacho

  • 2006.5-2009 keys

  • 2010 keys that are 2 piece

  • Keys for cars that are “push to start”

Key Programming

  • Wireless Entry Type Programming

  • Immobilizer Programming

Wireless Entry Programming

Immobilizer Programming

Immobilizer Versions

  • Immo 2 (2000-2003)

  • Immo 3 (2004-2005)

  • Immo 4 (2005.5-2010) - 2005.5 is the newer body style on Golf/Jetta

  • Immo 5 (2010.5+)


  • We sell chips as immo 2 and immo 3 chips

  • Immo 4 - This is a tough one, the way immo 4 works is we order a key from VW, they cut the key AND program “CS data” onto the chips.  If the chips do not have the correct CS data, VW dealers cannot program the immobilizer system to recognize the new key.  We are not able to program cars with immo 4, it must always go to a VW dealer.