How to change a G40 Cam position sensor - 10 minute job

If you have a code for your PD cam position sensor,

this how-to will show you how to fix it.

My car was giving code:

1 Fault Found:
19463-Camshaft Position Sensor (G40)
P3007-000-No Signal-Intermittent
Freeze Frame:
RPM: 1827/Min
Torque: 78.0 Nm
Speed: 83.0 Km/h
Load: 27.5%
Voltage: 14.35 V
Bin. Bits: 00001000
Idle Stab.: 0.0 KW
(no units): 48.0

I cleaned the adapter plug but it still persisted after clearing the code.

After doing some searching I couldn't find a "how-to" so here's mine.

Tools needed:
-Long Flat blade screwdriver to pop the grommet loose
-10mm socket and extensions
-rag or paper towel
Highly Recommended: magnetic pickup tool

Step 1
Uplug the sensor wire

Step 2
Use long screwdriver to remove grommet

Step 4
Tip: Stuff a rag or paper towel around the timing belt to prevent the 10mm bolt from falling down into the abyss.

Step 5
Remove 10mm bolt to release sensor 

Step 6
Pull sensor towards the fender, it must be removed from that direction and the new one must be installed the same way