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Has your glove box door broken?  

We have solutions that will save you a ton of money!  On average the VW dealers are charging over $300 for a new door, and that is without installation.  Our repair kits will make your glove box door userfriendly again and keep you from busting your budget.

If you door is not opening correctly, or it will not stay shut:

  • 1998-2001 New Beetles will need the "uncommon glove box latch kit"
  • 2002+ New Beetles need our "deluxe glove box latch kit"
  • 1999.5 VW Golf and Jetta will also need the "uncommon glove box latch kit"
  • Most (not all) 2000-2005 VW Golf and Jetta will use our "Deluxe glove box latch kit" please check the ad to see which kit you need. 

If your hinges are broken, we have a section just for replacement hinges and catches, they are made in the USA from solid STEEL, not plastic, and they are guaranteed for life!