Garrett Warranty Process and SOP

Dear customers,

This SOP is to provide more clarification on how Garrett warranties work.
**NOTE - AARodriguez Corp. has nothing to do with the actual Garrett Warranty Program other than being the middle man between you (Garrett Retailer) & Garrett the company. Reason being, Garrett by Honeywell does not have a customer service department. They rely on us (the distributor) to be the bridge of communication. AARodriguez Corp. has zero influence on the final verdict of any warranty claim. Garrett units usually do not fail because of a manufacturing defect. 99% of the time it is due to user error such as boost leaks, contaminated oil, debris in the air intake) which Garrett does not warrantyGarrett/Honeywell has some of the best engineers in the world and this is why they are used currently by OE manufacturers and Formula 1 racing teams. **
Garrett Warranty SOP
Step 1)
Your customer contacts you and wants to send his turbo back for warrantyLet your customer know that this whole process takes anywhere from 1 to 3 months at the very least! AARodriguez Corp. has no control of how long the warranty claim process takes! It doesn't matter how much your customer complains Garrett will not speed up the process. So it's best to let your customer know before anything is started. To speed up this process your customer can purchase another turbo right away in the meantime however this is up to their discretion because at this point we do not know if his/her original unit will be approved or denied for warranty
Step 2)
If you did not install the turbo/kit at your facility you need to make sure of the following things. The things below are very important and any misuse of them will lead to a turbocharger failing: 
  • Is your customer using the correct oil weight for the vehicle & turbo? 
  • How much oil pressure is going to the turbocharger? 
  • If it is a ball bearing turbo, were they using a restrictor or not? Is so, what size was the restrictor?
  • Were any type of sealants used on the fittings for the turbo? 
  • How much boost was the turbo running? 
  • Did the drain tube have a proper fall and was it the proper size?
Step 3)
If you did not install the turbo/kit at your facility make sure to obtain pictures of the unit to make sure the turbo did not ingest a foreign object. 
Step 4)
If step 2 and step 3 are checked out and you feel that this still might be a legit warranty claim you may now contact us and let us know of the issues at hand. At this point the Garrett Warranty form (attached) must be filled out by you, NOT THE CUSTOMER, and sent to us (AARodriguez Corp.) electronically.
Step 5)
AARodriguez Corp. sends the warranty form to Garrett for a return authorization number. 
Step 6) 
Garrett will reply to AARodriguez Corp. with a return authorization number.
Step 7)
AARodriguez Corp. will notify you with the RMA number so you can send the turbo to us. All shipping charges will be covered by you or your customer. AARodriguez Corp. will not cover any shipping charges.
Step 8)
Turbo arrives at AARodriguez Corp. and will be sent out to Garrett immediately. 
Step 9) 
Garrett Engineers will inspect the unit to make sure if the turbocharger failed because of user error or an actual manufacturing defect. 
Step 10) 
Garrett will notify AARodriguez Corp. of the verdict and send the turbo back to AARodriguez Corp.. Garrett will provide details of why the turbo has failed whether it was an error on their part or the end user. 
Step 11)
AARodriguez Corp. will notify you of the verdict and if denied will provide reason of denied claim. 
Step 12)
If claim is denied, turbocharger will be shipped back to the shop at shops expense or thrown away. If the warranty has been approved a new unit will be shipped to you or your customer.