E70 Exhaust Install

These are general instructions and they are not intended to be used as a DIY.

  1. Remove all exhaust sensors that are accessible and/or electrically unplug them.

  2. Lift car in air

  3. Support engine with a transmission jack

  4. Lower the subframe

  5. Remove the Passenger motor mount

  6. Remove DPF

  7. Cut the stock exhaust under the line where the heat shield overlaps

  8. #1 EGT and #1 o2 sensor are the only sensors retained

  9. Helpful link  -


This is for the lower EGR cooler delete

block off x5 lower egr.jpg

flat band clamp.jpg

The flat clamp will be installed at the end of the exhaust, connecting the new exhaust to the stock muffler system.  The pipe for the stock muffler system should be cut right below the heat shielding where one heat shield overlaps the other.

exhaust clamp top midpipe.jpg

The other clamp will connect the downpipe to the midpipe.