CR170 TDI Turbo Kit Installation Guide


***Important things to know***

  • DPF Delete is required
  • This is for off-road use only
  • Malone Tuning is required
  • Stage 3.5 provides enough power to shudder the flywheel
  • 2009 TDIs require a new damper -
  • EGT spacer and new inlet pipe is required for installation

Installation Instructions:

  • Remove stock DPF
  • Remove stock turbo
  • Remove EGR cooler - tuck the sensor wire plug out of the way, leave the sensor off of the car
  • Install silver block off plate and gasket on the HP EGR (front of the engine)
  • Install silver block off plate and gasket on the turbo before installing it on the car
  • EGT spacer is for the #1 EGT sensor, this gets installed in the turbo manifold
  • Stage 3.5 tune requires a swap of the #1 and #2 sensor plugs, dremel or similar tool should be used to mod the plug to allow interchange fitment.
G235 Temperature sensor #1, black connector- 03L 906 088 L
G448 Temperature sensor #2, orange connector- 03L 906 088 T