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Here is a collection of some of the best write ups and troubleshooting resources.

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General Maintenance:
Coding, INPA, Rheingold, WinkFP, ISTA Performance Upgrades: Engine Mechanical Engine Electrical Fuel System RadiatorExhaust System Suspension related to Engine and Transmission Automatic Transmission GearshiftAxlesSteering BrakesPedalsWheels Body Work and Vehicle Trim Seats Vehicle Electrical System Instruments, Gauges, Measuring SystemsLighting Heating and Air ConditioningAudio and Navigation Electronic SystemsDistance Systems and Cruise ControlRestraint systems
Common Trouble Codes
  • Fault Code: 004987 - Exhaust gas temperature sensor upstream of the catalyst, signal...
  • Solution: Replace EGT #1 or it may be plugged into the wrong socket
  • Fault Code: 43D1 - P2621 - Throttle-valve actuator, activation: Short circuit to
  • Solution: Check wiring to throttle valve or replace