BMW 335D Intercooler Installation

BMW 335D Intercooler Installation

      • Always be sure to have 100% dirt free surfaces on the intercooler and the fittings that will be inserted into the intercooler.  Dirty connections can cause boost leaks, cause fast and heavy wear on metal surfaces and it can make the fittings extremely hard to insert all the way.
      • You must use a quality grease like lubricant on the fittings/o-rings before pushing the fittings into the intercooler, we typically use a transmission grease.
      • We do not recommend putting petroleum products on the silicone surfaces that will come in contact with the billet aluminum.  It may cause issues with the protective lining of the hose and cause premature failure.  Soapy water can be used as a lubricant for that surface if desired. 
      • The factory intercooler retaining clips must be modified to ensure a long-lasting seal. Remove the 90 degree portion of the clip as shown below. A small pair of bolt cutters or a belt sander works great for this!




Intercooler Clip.jpg

Intercooler Clip Modified.jpg


  • The splash shield (7) in front of the intercooler must be removed for proper clearance, picture below for reference, this will not be reinstalled. 

intercooler diagram.JPG

  • After you have removed the original red charge pipe from the car, remove the black plastic clip retainer, you can discard this piece of plastic.  The metal snap clip that is accessible needs to be transfered to your new ATM charge pipe fitting, this snap ring does not need any modification, do NOT remove the tabs on it. 



  • Like all other stepped core units on the market for 335D, this does require trimming of the black plastic shroud behind the bumper.  This is very easy and can be done with a quality razor, sawzall or cutoff wheel.