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    BMW 535D Economy Package (AAR2505)

    BMW 535D Economy Package (AAR2505)

      BMW 2014-2018 535D Economy Package   Everything you need to remove the problematic DPF/SCR/AdBlue system!   Includes:    Buzzken DPF/SCR Delete for 2014-2018 BMW 535D ***Includes ALL required hardware and clamps***  409...

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    Now: $1,949.00
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  • Buzzken 535D DPF/SCR Delete

    BMW 535D DPF delete, no midpipe

    3" DPF and SCR Delete Kit for BMW 535D Proudly made in Canada by BuzzKen  Optional DOC cat greatly reduces pungent exhaust smell, highly recommended! This is the downpipe only, you will need to have someone fabricate a midpipe for the vehicle...

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