Vagtacho programming - VDO NEW - CAN - UDS protocol MY2009 - 2014

Wireless Entry Programming (to unlock the car) cannot be done with Vagtacho nor the "two key method.  Please watch this video for programming the wireless entry, you must go to the VW dealer or have VCDS to program the wireless entry.

 This procedure works with VDO dashes on CAN bus (UDS protocol) from year 2009-2014



Switch ON ignition with VALID key!

Start software, select "VDO NEW - CAN - UDS protocol MY2009 - 2014" from menu. Press "Connect Selected ECU" button, after about 30 seconds software will get access to the dash.

Message "Access Granted" must appears on screen, otherwise this is unsupported dash, or the key is not valid! If you see "Bootloader Error!" message , this means that this dash is not supported, or wrong selection of the dashboard has been made.

Important: copy-paste in a text file the information which is marked in blue! If you know this key, you can get access to the same dash in future without valid key of the car!

Vagtacho will hold the key of the last successfully read car!

Press "Disconnect" and see the next picture.



Press "Disconnect", turn OFF ignition, and remove the valid key. Insert the new key with new, not used, unlocked Megamos ID48 transponderand switch ON ignition with the new key. Do NOT close Vagtacho software ! Press "Connect Selected ECU" button, after about 5 seconds software will get access to the dash again. Press "Program New Key", a new window will be open, see the picture. Vagtacho will check the new transponder key. There will be message on screen if that key can not be programmed to the car! Check "Erase all old keys" if you wish. In this case all keys will be erased. If you left this unchecked, the new key will be added to the existing keys. No need to program all available keys again. Press "Continue" , the new key will be programmed in 5 seconds. Wait while the immobiliser accepts the new key, a message will be on the dashboard's display: "2-2" "3-3" ect. for every next key. Turn off/on ignition, and start engine. If the immobiliser's shows on display "1-2" or "2-3" this means that the type of the transponder key is not correct, or this key is already programmed to the car! Do NOT repeat the programming procedure if immobiliser shows different digits "1-2" or "2-3"! Just switch ON ignition with NEW Megamos ID48 transponder key! If you want to program more than one new key, repeat again the same procedure for every next key.

Important! Some early versions of these dashboards still uses TP22,23,24,25 ect.. pre - programmed transponder keys. If the dashboard does not accept standart ID48 transponder, switch ON ignition with NEW TP23, 25, 24, 22 transponder key. Make sure that you are using right type transponder key: TP23 for VW, TP25 for Audi, TP24 for Skoda, TP22 for Seat.



This is an additional option for checking of transponder keys. It is not required for key programming!

This feature works ONLY with CAN bus cars!

Switch ON igiontion with key which you want to test. Select proper ECU with can bus from "Select ECU" menu. Press "Options"-"Transponder Check". Software will connects immobiliser. After successful connection, press "Read ECU Info" button. All information about the transponder key will be shown on screen. "Transponder Variable Part YES!" means that secret key of transponder is valid for the car. "Transponder Fixed Part YES!" means that ID number of transponder is stored into immobiliser's memory. These two parameters must be "YES", otherwise immobiliser will block engine ecu, and engine can't be started. "Transponder Locked" is not important for immobiliser. If it is "YES", this means that secret key and user pages of this transponder key can not be re-programmed for other car!