Malone Tuning for 2015 CR TDI

Yes!!!  It's here, we can tune 2015 TDIs!!!

We're officially able to start providing tunes for the 2015 TDIs.  We can already tune some 2015 cars through the OBD port.  If we cannot currently tune your ECU through the OBD port, you have 2 choices:

A. Wait until a future date

B. Mail in your ECU for bench flashing.  After your ECU has been bench flashed we will be able to install tune updates (if needed) on your ECU through the OBDII port.


Tunes: (click for more info)

2015 Golf and Jetta Malone Tune - Stage 1      2015 Golf and Jetta Malone Tune - Stage 2




We can tune your ECU if we have a matching software version available.  This can be found using VCDS in the 01-Engine Controller.

If you want to see if we can currently OBD tune your 2015 TDI please email and send a screen shot from VCDS.  Info from other tools will not be accepted.

VCDS is a  tool that many VW owners have for diagnostic and modding purposes.  Accessing the Engine Control is shown in the first 45 seconds of this video


2015-cr-tdi-ecu by malone tuning


Tuning Options:

1)  You can mail in your ECU. We turn all ECUs around within 24 hours, most people only have 2 days of down time.  That means if we get your ECU on Tuesday, you'll probably get it back on Wednesday.

2)  If OBD tuning is available for your car, you can buy a Flashzilla V3 and get tunes sent to you by email.

 3) If OBD tuning is available for your car, we have loaner tools available that can be rented for $50 + $1000 deposit.  This same tool can also provide your DSG tune. You can sign up for a rental here:

Updated on 6/16/2015 

Provided by BuzzKen Exhausts, a leader in the developement of CR TDI Tuning




Why is VCDS recommended for Stage 2?
Our 2015 tunes are finished and they are AWESOME!  As with many other tunes that maximize the safe performance of a vehicle's stock equipment, we recommend you have VCDS HEX+CAN to records logs for us to review.
I have a ______ tool and it's better than VCDS, can we use that instead?
No, we will only accept logs from VCDS.
I have a 2015 Golf/Jetta/Passat TDI and I own a VCDS cable, can you tune my car through the OBD?
Please send us a screenshot from the engine controller so we can see if we have a backup file available for your ECU. In case of the unlikely event that your ECU crashes, we will be able to restore it with a file that we already have on hand.