Garrett and Borg Warner Turbo Installation Precautions



Turbo Warranty

  • These turbos include a 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects.  

  • The warranty is fulfilled by the turbo manufacture

  • If you turbo fails it will need to be mailed back to us so that Garrett or Borg Warner can pick it up to inspect it.

Top 5 Causes of Turbo Failure

  • Failure to pre-lube

  • Debris in the intercooler piping

  • Contaminated engine oil

  • Lack of lubrication

  • Inadequate air filtering

A few best practices

  • If you change your turbo, change your motor oil.

  • Clean out your intercooler and piping before installing a replacement turbo

  • Prime the turbo with oil, this can be done with a turkey baster or you can use the car to pump oil through it but the car must be disabled so that the engine cannot start. (Various methods exist for preventing startup)

  • Replace any old or damaged vacuum lines