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Fluidampr for BMW 335D and X5 35D - 2009 - 2013

$542.64 $499.00
(You save $43.64)

Fluidampr for BMW 335D and X5 35D - 2009 - 2013

$542.64 $499.00
(You save $43.64)

Product Description

The Fluidampr harmonic balancer also fits many European and International models equipped with the M57. (scroll down for an application guide)

BMW recommends replacing the harmonic balancer bolts everytime you remove them.  The harmonic balancer bolt part number is 11-23-2-247-932, and it's available in this listing at a discounted price of $20 per set of 4.

Clutched Pulley Conversion Kit for Alternators:

Shortly after releasing the Fluidampr we quickly learned that most vehicles had a noise/vibration on the serpentine belt. This vibration is caused by the alternator having a solid metal pulley instead of a decoupler pulley that is found on many alternators.  We will be providing these decoupler pulleys with Fluidamprs, this will eliminate all noise and vibration providing you with an exceptionally smooth running and quiet vehicle.

Want research info and stats for the benefits of a Fluidampr?  Checkout our writeup here

Options: (Please Click on photos to remove or Add Items)

  • Add on 4x new bolts 
  • Add on new Belts for BMW 335D  11287792059-Conti and 11287520177-Conti
  • Add on new Belts for BMW X5 35D 11287803476-Conti and 64557809801-Conti
  • CCV Hose - details here
  • Cloth Covered Vacuum Hose and 6 splices




FAQ SECTION: This will be updated as time goes on
Q: What does the Fluidampr unit weigh in comparison to the stock unit?
A: The Fluidampr unit is 15.6 lbs. and I just weighed my stock unit, it is also 15.6lbs
However, with any viscous type damper there is a rotating weight factor as during engine operation our internal inertia ring stays suspended in the silicone fluid thus relieving the crankshaft of this weight. Rotating weight for this unit is 10.4 lbs.

Also, it is important to note: when dealing with a harmonic damper (balancer) you must have the proper amount of inertia mass (weight) in order to control dangerous torsional vibrations. General rule of thumb (there is a limit) a heavier damper will do a better job at absorbing crankshaft twist thus reducing the amount of vibration being put back into critical engine components. Time and time again we have done h.p./torque comparisons vs. lighter OEM dampers and put down higher h.p./torque numbers on the dyno as well as overall torsional improvements.

Q:What is the correct bolt torque?

A: 40NM (29.5ft/lbs) + 120 degrees; these are torque to yield bolts.

Belt Routing



Q:How do I use the belt tool?



Q:Where do I insert the crankshaft lock tool?

A:Driver's side of the engine block, above the oil pan, under the crankshaft sensor. There may be a grey rubber plug you need to remove. Press the tool in the hole, while turning the crankshaft, the tool will find a hole in the flexplate and keep it locked.

DO NOT forget to remove the tool before starting the engine!


Official BMW DIY Guides
335D (2009-2011)
X5 35D (2009-2013)
Application Guide
  • 3' E46   (08/2002 — 08/2006)
  • 3' E90   (02/2004 — 08/2008)
  • 3' E90 LCI   (11/2007 — 10/2011)
  • 3' E91   (02/2004 — 08/2008)
  • 3' E91 LCI   (03/2008 — 05/2012)
  • 3' E92   (05/2005 — 02/2010)
  • 3' E92 LCI   (12/2008 — 03/2013)
  • 3' E93   (09/2005 — 02/2010)
  • 5' E60   (02/2002 — 02/2007)
  • 5' E60 LCI   (10/2005 — 12/2009)
  • 5' E61   (11/2002 — 02/2007)
  • 5' E61 LCI   (11/2005 — 05/2010)
  • 6' E63 LCI   (05/2006 — 07/2010)
  • 6' E64 LCI   (04/2006 — 07/2010)
  • 7' E65   (11/2001 — 07/2008)
  • 7' E66   (03/2005 — 07/2008)
  • X3 E83   (01/2003 — 07/2006)
  • X3 E83 LCI   (03/2006 — 08/2010)
  • X5 E53   (01/2003 — 09/2006)
  • X5 E70   (02/2006 — 03/2010)
  • X5 E70 LCI   (08/2009 — 06/2013)
  • X6 E71   (01/2007 — 03/2010)


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