BMW 335D DPF Removal Guide

Seriously, please only use this guide for cars that will be strictly track driven, this is an off-road use ONLY mod.

General Instructions, this is not meant to be a complete DIY at this time

Important - Do not loosen the DPF from the turbo until the motor mount is out of the car

  1. Remove the catback section of the exhaust from your car
  2. Support the engine in the air, most people use a transmission jack and put the pole on the A/C bracket
  3. Remove the motor mount


Photo will help you remove the top bolts as they are hard to see when the downpipe is on the car.


bmw 35D motor mount top - bolts

5. Remove the DPF

6. Install the downpipe but do not tighten the Vband clamp all the way, you want the downpipe to be able to swivel.

7. Install the catback

8.  After bolting the catback to the downpipe tighten the Vband clamp


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