BMW 328D Big Brake Upgrades on the cheap

El Cheapo Big Brake Upgrade for the BMW 328D

This writeup was done with my 2014 BMW 328D XDrive.

Mods include:

  • BuzzKen Full Exhaust
  • JR Stage 3 Tuning
  • Avin Headunit
  • 335D Front Calipers - Free, removed from scrap yard vehicle
  • 335D Brembo Rotors 348mm*30mm   (328D stock front is 312mm)
  • 335D Front Premium Ceramic Pads
  • (Coming soon)335xi Rear Brake Calipers Part#: 34216850974 (RR) 34216850973 (RL) - Ebay buy $70
  • (Coming Soon) Rotors 330mm*20mm   (328D stock rear is 300mm)

328d big brake kit

328d stock brakes installed

328d stock brakes installed - 2

328d converted to 335d brakes - installed