Aftermarket Key FOBs for 2010+ VW Golf/Jetta/New Beetle/Passat

Small disclaimer, this page is currently in development as of 08/13/2015, please forgive any typos, they will be corrected soon.

We recently finished manufacturing our own keys for 2010+ cars, these work great for cars that do not have a "Push to Start" button.

These keys cannot be programmed at VW dealerships but they can be programmed using tools that we have available to rent. If you want to have a key programmed at a VW Dealership please buy a Genuine VW Key FOB, we sell those too!

Programming Tools:


Need help finding the correct key for your 2010+ car?  

We made it really easy, that was a big part of the job was figuring out how to simplify "which car gets which model key".  VW dealers can't even tell you which part number you need without getting your VIN number and looking it up in ETKA.

 Choose the key that is correct for your car by looking at the FCC ID: on your original FOB.  If you don't have that anymore, no worries, we can still look it up by V.I.N. If you do not have a key that will start your car and allow you to drive it, you will need to buy a Genuine VW key from us and you will have to get it programmed at the VW dealership.  We're happy to help car owners save money but we've made sure that people will not be able to use our keys and tools to steal cars.  The programming tools will not work without an original key present.

FCC ID numbers, click on the one that matches your car:



Valet Style

inexpensive fcc-id for VW key.jpg